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Intersection etiquette

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Re: Intersection etiquette

Postby edgold707 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:44 am

The Watcher wrote:Here's one for ya:

At the intersection of Crinella and Madison. 4-way stop. Myself and the car across reach the intersection at roughly the same time. Neither of us are using signals - myself b/c I was on Crinella heading to the LL field.

As I begin to move forward she does as well and begins a left turn. I quickly stop and as she's turning her son (who seemed to be 8-10 years old) is leaning way out the front passenger side window screaming at me that I'm an idiot and to be a better driver - yes those were his words.

Needless to say my initial thought to this was to chase them down, ask her why she didn't use her turn signal - did she think I was psychic, why her son was in the front seat, and if he had a seat belt on. But then I remembered karma is a bitch and as I live in Petaluma, I can't afford the local gas. :->

Crinella and Madison don't cross, in fact they're not even close to each other. So which intersection did you mean?
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Re: Intersection etiquette

Postby The Watcher » Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:53 pm

You're right. Turns out it was Maria. Sorry.
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