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Dual Immersion program moving to a new site.

What's happening at Old Adobe schools?

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Dual Immersion program moving to a new site.

Postby Tia » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:35 am

On Thursday, November 8, 2012, the Old Adobe Union School Board voted to approve the move of the Miwok Valley Dual Immersion Program to a new location. The new location is the Maria site, which is the location of the old Bernard Eldridge Elementary school. The existing Dual Immersion program has been housed at, and a part of the Miwok Valley Elementary school, but beginning in the Fall of 2013 it will have a new name and will move forward as an independent program in the new location. The school district plans to begin recruitment for a new Principal for the school immediately and hope to have the new Principal in place in January.

The move was necessitated by the success of the Dual Immersion program, which has grown from 51 students at its start four years ago, to 153 students today. Enrollment is expected to rise to 200 students next year. Miwok has currently 570 students and has used all its classroom space. If Dual Immersion were to stay at Miwok the district would need to purchase portable classrooms and the total school enrollment would swell to 630 students. This overcrowding would impact all school services.

The Old Adobe Union School District owns the empty school site on Maria Drive, formerly the Bernard Eldredge Elementary School. This site is large enough to house the Dual Immersion program now and will allow the program ample room for growth.
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