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Deer Creek center Appeal

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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby mongoose » Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:31 pm

Hey Chris Weber (who I have heard, but no proof, is really Tiffany Renee) you spout a lot of opinions and that is just what they are, none of your staements are based in fact. While I defend your right to voice your opinion, it must be pointed out that these are just your opinions and not facts. But we don't need to worry because once North Korea sends the missles over we will not have any of the alleged problems.
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby Chris Weber » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:05 am

I don't see you defending anyone's right to express an opinion, mongoose. You seem to expect everyone to defer to your superior wisdom. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be particularly superior or wise.

I'll have to meet Tiffany Renee someday. Maybe she's my long lost twin sister--though I would expect my twin to have the same fair hair and blue eyes that I do.

I didn't vote for her before, but considering the opinions of the uber-reactionaries that post on this site, I probably will just out of general principals.
Chris Weber
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby PetalumaGal » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:19 am

I agree that the traffic implications for this project are a bummer. We will always have an awkward traffic flow in Petaluma because we are not a cookie cutter planned community. Our traffic flow is slashed by the river, the freeway, and the railroad tracks. I have found that interesting towns almost always have traffic problems for similar reasons and because lots of people like to be in these towns. I think we must just try our hardest in traffic design in this situation.
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby spacesaver » Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:57 pm

I would like some good feedback on my thoughts here fellow Petalumans...

I've lived in Petaluma my whole life and love this place with all my heart. But it sort of saddens me to see all this recent development. I know a good amount of people throughout town who share these thoughts. I am well aware of Petaluma's recent flirting with bankruptcy, but I still have the question, why so much development in areas that may be better left alone?

The new Quarry Heights homes, the Southgate homes, are on lands that many people pass by frequently, and we opt to build here rather than leave our landscape intact.
The new apartment complex off the boulevard is another one.

And the Deer Creek Shopping Center... Lets bring Friedman's HOME! Put the dang business up where it was born, we SHOULD welcome that, but is all the other jazz really that necessary? Can't we leave all the strip mall BS out of the project? Take the open land there and put the Friedman's on it and leave the rest as is...

Job creation, revenue, etc... understandable, but we just put in a Target (as tough as that was to stomach) and a few other stores off the highway why are we putting more cookie cutter garb in town? Pardon the biased tone. Any responses?
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby North Bay » Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:57 am

Spacesaver, I couldn't agree with you more! I agree that we should welcome Friedman's but I don't think we need to build another shopping center around it. However, it is already in the works and it is going to be built just like the Target.

I don't think every town needs to become Anytown, USA, but the greed of the politicians and the developers convince the masses that it is necessary. They used the "sales tax leakage" as a way to get these projects approved. I really don't think it will help our towns current situation.

We need new blood in our city government (and all levels of government for that matter). However, our politicians are bought and paid for so I really don't think that change will really happen unless we the people revolt. And most folks are too busy just trying to survive these days and don't have the time, energy, resources, etc., to get involved.
North Bay
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby jaimeywb » Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:01 pm

mongoose wrote:Hey Chris Weber (who I have heard, but no proof, is really Tiffany Renee) you spout a lot of opinions and that is just what they are, none of your staements are based in fact. While I defend your right to voice your opinion, it must be pointed out that these are just your opinions and not facts. But we don't need to worry because once North Korea sends the missles over we will not have any of the alleged problems.

I can say with certainty that Tiffany rarely posts on these forums (mostly because of the classy rhetoric like the North Korea barb you and others insist on perpetuating. Really? You don't have anything in the now that is better use of your time and wit?) and that she is decidely not Chris Weber. She doesn't hide behind alternate names and usernames when she gives an opinion, unlike so many others who do.
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby mikeg55 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:31 pm

Speaking for myself and a whole bunch of other people I know in Petaluma, we are sooooooooooooo happy Target is being built. We all are already regular Target shoppers so we are more than overjoyed that we can shop there without having to leave town. I know many other people who are very happy Friedman's is coming back as well. No more, or at least a lot less trips, to Lowe's and Home Depot. There will probably be local leakage of small business from the other stores going into the shopping centers, but they'll just have to work harder to compete. And there was an article in the Press Democrat about the million dollar plus tax revenue Petaluma will start getting in 2014. That should fix somethings in Petaluma. Bottom line, both the Target and Friedman centers are approved, as is Quarry Heights. No use boo-hooing about it now. And Petaluma just did elect new blood to the city council, signifying the voters agree with the growth direction of Petaluma. Let west Petaluma keep the nostalgic downtown going with antique shops, and festivals, and train benefits. The tax revenue provided by east Petaluma can keep the city running. And if you dislike a place so much, you can always move.
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby Bear » Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:49 pm

hey spacesaver, i am with mikeg55, all these projects are approved - why are you complaining now? did you attend all the meetings and speak up at city council? like mike said, there are a whole bunch of other people who want to shop in town, and not at antique stores. agree with mike again, east petaluma will keep the city running. you may as well move if you want to complain now because it's all a done deal. did you notice the outcome of this past election? it tells alot. the majority of petalumans do not agree with your backwards way of thinking. the days of horse and buggy are long gone.
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby 2182 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:27 pm

Bear & Mike, I'll go ya one better! Where were these "Johnny Come Latelys" when the city's General Plan was being developed? ( especially the ones that claim to be a long time resident) Not only that but there was a recent vote to extend the General Plan! The darned thing passed handsomely, both times! The spilled milk evaporated long ago, one would think the crying would have stopped by now!
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Re: Deer Creek center Appeal

Postby da shaman » Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:08 am

a lot of good points made here on both sides. I am looking forward to Friedmans coming here and if a number of other stores come with them, so be it. Though I rarely go to Target, I welcome them and the other businesses (yay! no more driving up to Santa Rosa BevMo.) A number of us moved here in the past couple decades to get a better quality of life, good schools, and a good family environment. I was never under any illusion that Petaluma was Mayberry or even Smalltown, USA. I found a safe city, good restaurants, good community involvement, and some pretty nice people still untainted of the "me, me, me" attitudes of those in a county immediately to our south.
People have to live and shop somewhere, thus the demand for housing, stores and other amenities. That affects the perception of being a small town. Face it, Petaluma stopped being a small burg when the 101 freeway blazed its way through town. We have and will continue to suffer some of the same problems faced by other cities. We will have crime, litter, potholes etc. However, we have a better chance of getting things taken care of by staying connected with our city government. You can write letters to the editor, emails to the council and department heads, attend meetings, etc. All may have a bearing in keeping Petaluma from becoming the toilet that is now San Francisco.
da shaman
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