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Revenues Needed

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Re: Revenues Needed

Postby The Watcher » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:53 am

Just some thoughts:

On picking on the police, they're an easy target. Yes they DO have new vehicles. The question there is how much "hard" driving are they doing that require replacement? Here’s an idea, those folks that aren’t doing patrols and yet get to take them home at night get the older ones. Fair? Sheesh.

Second: There are websites which contain formulas that determine how many police a given population needs. Last I checked against the city budget we were a little overstaffed. Not a big concern, but does bring up the question of how much budget stuffing is being done?

Third: If you're hurting for money why did we buy a "command center"? I will admit I haven't done the research on if we actually purchased this ourselves, but seems like a "nice to have". Same with the pickup. On the interceptors, shouldn’t CHP be funding/running those? How high of a speed are you going to get on city streets before wrecking? (Who said potholes weren't useful? :->) And isn’t it police policy not to engage in these as it poses a danger to the general public? Don’t we have county helicopters that can be called in to track these vehicles? Oh-oh, maybe we need a helicopter here in Petaluma…:->

Fourth: To the comment that fire/police are used to justify taxes, I agree. Just like Measure X was for the kids, we're told it's for one thing, promised even, but the need seems to grow every year. When do the managers start cutting perks?

Fifth: Take a look at how many managers/support personnel there are compared to workers. Just seems a bit heavy on the top. You wanna make ~$100-150k/year here in Petaluma? Freakin earn it!

Sixth: Do these "overtime" expense cover the cost of the police work involved in the parades or will we be solicited for those costs later?

Seventh: On disasters, most if not all of those costs can be supplemented via federal and state disaster relief funding. And just how many disasters do we have? Not saying it can't happen e.g. earthquakes & floods. But we have to ask if those disasters don't happen, what happens to that money? Does it rollover to the general fund?

Eighth: Show me how you are saving the taxpayer money, what kind of ROI are we getting with current funding, and what we are NOT getting. So tired of paying people based on potential and not reality. Petaluma is not New York, or even Sacramento. So why am I constantly asked to fund our government like it is? It gets a little old paying for “top talent” and yet receiving “mediocre results”. It’s also getting old how these are all “marketed” based on fear. Again, this ain’t Hooterville, but it sure ain’t LA either.

Now...who wants to cover the P&R water "costs"? :->
The Watcher
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Re: Revenues Needed

Postby mikeg55 » Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:33 pm

Watcher brings up some great points!
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